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Zealous Invested People Life Group  ||  For ANY person who is connected with a teen: parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor...

Meeting Times & Locations  ||  Sundays @ 11am in Room 239 with Marjorie & Sean Dean or Wednesdays @ 7pm in Room 238 with Jeff Geisbert

Purpose  ||  Provide support for parents or guardians of teens by:

·   Studying and discussing the same topic Zealous youth are studying ,  giving parents a place to start a conversation with their teens, to take the teens deeper into the topic and maybe find some common ground

·   Supporting the parent’s Spiritual Formation plan by offering study methods and resources for them to personally ‘go deeper’ and, maybe even model, bible study for their teens

·   Offering a safe place to discuss prayer needs and praise reports and to share in praying for others, whether they are adults, teens or Zealous volunteers

Our vision is, as Zealous Invested People, we will have opportunities to support the Zealous ministry through food donations, event planning and/or chaperoning, thereby, offering Pastor Chris and his team our FULL support for these Zealous events.

We know living with or loving on teens  is NOT for the faint of heart!  Join forces with other people who care as deeply about their teen, as you do about your teen!  Shore each other up, offer encouragement and feel refreshed each week when we join together.

You may join this life group even if you are currently a member of another life group! If you have any questions, please contact Marjorie or Sean Dean at or