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We really are leaving the building like Elvis on March 31st, thank you very much. After the 10am service, we will rally in the sanctuary (children, youth and Hispanic ministry) in order to receive our marching orders to leave the building and fan out into the community for the sake of making the Great Commandment famous. We will do that by loving our community through neighborhood cleanups, senior citizen outreach, and a school & park project. There will also be some on-site projects to invest in.
We’re making evangelism great again in 2019!
Offsite Teams:

  • Quarterfield Farms Neighborhood Cleanup

  • Colonial Park Neighborhood Cleanup

  • Quarterfield Elementary School Cleanup

  • Severn Danza Park Outreach

  • Games at Glen Square Senior Center

Onsite Teams:

  • Easter Egg Filling

  • Writing/Creating cards for the Community

Also, please wear a red shirt or jacket in order to stand out as we love on our community.
In the event of rain, we will have a back-up plan to reveal that day.
If we’re the salt of the earth, and the church building is the salt shaker, then God wants to shake the salt out of the salt shaker into the world on the 31st.