HCC’s Marriage Ministry exists to equip, enhance, and encourage the marriages HE entrusts to us.
• Establish an environment where Christ centered marriages can develop and grow
• Understand that our marriages are covenant, not contract based.
• Create an attitude of understanding that we have a stake in each other’s marriages.

We plan to accomplish our mission through:

  • Wise premarital counsel in a one-on-one setting.
  • Ongoing marriage classes and conference-style educational opportunities.
  • Encouraging quality time with each other through affordable Date Night events and creative date ideas for personal use.


This special class will be held March 4th thru April 15th in Room 237 at 11am, sign-up during the In-Between Scene through February 25th. This class will be followed-up with a marriage-focused Life Group. Sacred Marriage doesn't just offer techniques to make a marriage happier. This class contains practical tools designed to help us in becoming holier Husbands and Wives; offering insights from Scripture, time-tested wisdom from Christian classics, and examples from today's marriages.

If you are a member of Heritage, upon scheduling your wedding date with the wedding coordinator, you will be contacted by a Mentor Couple who will invite you to come and meet with them, one-on-one for several weeks leading up to your wedding date.

During this time you will not only have the opportunity to study the subject of marriage in great detail, but you and your fiancé will have the opportunity to discuss how you mean to live out God’s meaning and purpose for your marriage. Our hope is that by discussing this material together you will fall more in love with one another and with the Creator of marriage itself.

If you would like to volunteer within the ministry or desire to be a Mentor couple please contact us at Marriage_Team@Heritagecc.net.