My family and I started attending Heritage in May of 2005.  It’s an interesting story about how we ended up here.  In 2001, our neighbor was killed in an airplane crash.  Another neighbor and I attended his funeral which was held here at Heritage.  Two things surprised me that day…first, I never knew he even went to church, let alone served as an usher here and second, I never knew Heritage Church was even in the neighborhood.  Fast forward almost 4 years.  My husband and I had started to hear doctrinal preaching in our old church that we did not believe to be the Truth.  During those 4 years, Heritage kept popping into my mind.  Finally, I told my husband I was going to check out Heritage.  Wow!  What an amazing service!  I truly felt the movement of the Holy Spirit and knew this was where my family and I needed to be.  We attended Heritage the following week to introduce our girls to the children’s ministry.  They LOVED it!  My husband LOVED it!  We’ve been actively involved ever since. I have been active in many different ministries throughout the years serving as a Community Kids’ volunteer, MPact club leader, Life Group leader, El Salvador & Nicaragua missions’ participant, ETCA liaison, Ladies’ tea hostess, wife of an elder, Financial Peace leader and Social Kindness Co-coordinator.  Did I mention I was also once a member of a rock band for our Summer Bond Lip Sync contest?  Come visit the church, find me, and I’ll show you the pictures!

Speaking of pictures, here is a snapshot of my family.  I am a wife and mother.  My husband, Sean and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  We have two teenage girls:  Abi, 17 yrs old and Olivia, 15 yrs old.  I love working for the church, but I also work for Weight Watchers as a meeting leader.  I’ve worked for them since 2007.  My hobbies and interests include: health, nutrition, essential oils, holistic healing, crafts, photography and reading.

My husband and I are covenant partners with Heritage.  We believe in this church and in the Great Commission.  We have both grown so much in our faith since coming to Heritage.  One of the most important things we do is participate in a life group.  Since being life group leaders, we’ve launched 3 new life groups (that means 3 sets of leaders have broken away to form their own life group!)  Growing closer to God through bible study and small group discussion has helped me to grow so much in my faith and strengthen my beliefs, as well as, grow as a leader to be used as God needs me.

As Facilities Coordinator, I hope to bring ministries together to share their common vision, to reach out to the community and to use the resources, both people and rooms and, to further God’s kingdom.  I want the calendar to show we are a church of intention and a place for healing and growth, NOT just busy people doing more things for the sake of doing things.  I thank God for this opportunity to serve in this capacity “as unto the Lord.”


Phone: 410.551.8500 ext. 1249