I am LaDon Hall, Jesus loving, devout Southerner, dedicated to serving God wherever He calls me. I am committed to making home-made chicken and dumplin's, or fried chicken, pecan pie, and very sweet tea for my husband and 3 children, who I adore. To help bring in extra income for my family, I work part time as a Real Estate Agent. Being raised an only child gave many opportunities to develop a bent toward the dramatic. For many years I enjoyed acting on stage in theatre productions, commercials as well as a Discovery Channel. Most recent project was in an Independent film entitled Day Of The Gun. With the realization anything of earth will pass away and only those things we do for Christ will last, I am most passionate about my faith and my service for Christ. Although I enjoy acting, my greatest joy is through pleasing Him who I was created to worship. Things that make me smile are surprise phone calls from my children who just want to say hello; a gentle touch from my husband as he passes me in the house; bright sunny warm days; any child's face; horses running through a pasture; the beach; the mountains; my vegetable and herb garden; meal with friends.....and so much more.

I am very proud to serve as Pastor's Wife at HCC. Steve and I came to MD in 1991. At that time we had only one daughter, Carlinn. Our other two children, Oliva, and Elijah were born soon after. As the Pastor's wife, I wear many hats, depending on the need. My primary purpose is as help mate to Steve and Mom to Olivia and Eli who still live at home. Otherwise, I love filling in the gap where needed. For many years it was a joy to serve in the Children's department leading worship, performing skits to enhance lesson aplication, but most importantly, to love God's little ones who He created on purpose. Presently, I am Adminstrative Assistant for our Worship Director, as well as Praise and Worship team member. Being Lead Pastor's Wife here at HCC is very satisfying on many levels. Our staff and church members are wonderful people who make serving here a pleasure. I praise God He sent us here to serve.

I strive to be instant in season and out of season. It is important for me to be ready to serve God through helping others. Being the social center of God's kindness when possible.

I am married to Steve Hall who is the Lead Pastor here at HCC. We have three children, Carlinn, Olivia and Elijah. Steve and I are nearing the stage where all three of our children will be either on their own or in college. While I will enjoy that time, I will miss my children terribly.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I do not like Rap, I just can't listen to this genre. ¨I do not like going to the gym, and have to force myself to work out. ¨I have a hard time being around mean people. ¨I can't stay up past 10:00 p.m. or the next day I cannot function.

My number one goal (other than pleasing God) is to help my son successfully graduate high school, and to secure him into college. ¨Make sure my family's needs are met either through keeping the laundry caught up and meals on the table, and spending quality time with them. ¨My ministry goals are Please God first, and serving my family to the best of my ability.

I look forward to seeing how God works through Heritage Community Church. I get excited when I hear the "GOOD STUFF" God is doing through our people. Heritage is such a great place to serve God and develop friendships and to "do" life with.

Email: LaDon.Hall@HeritageCC.net