Pastor Steve will share with us how to live in the physical world AND in the spiritual world at the same time.

The course will address the common but unsung divide between the secular (physical), and the sacred (spiritual). It is my belief that most Christians unwittingly live with one foot in both the physical and spiritual realms. Consequently, this straddling keeps the Christian from experiencing the fully unified life that humans were always intended to live. 

We will survey the biblical and theological themes regarding a reconciled physical and spiritual life. The course will offer insight from various sources, in addition to practical exercises toward the end of a more integrated life. 

An anonyomus pre and post test will be administered to measure this impact.

So, there is nothing you need to know in advance of this course. In fact the best way to arrive at the class is "blank" regarding the topic, and allow the content to impact you honestly. 

What to bring: Bible, paper or digital notepad, pen.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Steve.

Impact Class #3  ||  May 10th, 2017 

Below are links for documents handed out during this class:

Human Hybrid handout

Visio Divina Art

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