LOGO_First Word_2019.png

Welcome to HCC's annual Bible reading campaign.

This coming year, Pastor Steve has made a suggestion that HCC make the Word of God a priority. Join with him in reading the written version of the Word of God (The Bible) from cover to cover during our newly designed annual First Word campaign.
This year you're invited to participate at your convenience, meaning that you can do the reading anywhere. No one will come to the sanctuary to read. You will read the designated passage at the designated time, at no particular designated place. You can read at home in bed, as long as you read.
Please click the "Sign-Up" button below and pick the time slot that works best for you and sign-up to make the Word of God great again in 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Cristy at cristy.eslick@heritagecc.net.