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“And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” - Matthew 10:42 (NLT)

A Cup of Cold Water Ministry delivers practical acts of love to senior members, including shut-ins and special needs people regardless of their abilities and disabilities at Heritage Community Church. God has created us to love one another and develop relationships that make a difference in our lives not only personally but spiritually. We seek to do God’s will in all of our activities and to serve with Christ’s love.

Heritage Community Church Cup of Cold Water team wants to serve God in the community, not as one, but all together. Help us show God's love in action. 

All age groups are welcome to volunteer with COCW. However, if you are under the age of 13, we ask that a parent accompanies the student.  Our goal is to ensure that anyone can be "A Cup of Cold Water" just by helping a neighbor or a person in need.

COCW typically meets the first Saturday of every month. However, the weather, the holidays and peoples schedules will play a roll in the scheduling of the “Work Day.” Also, with the growing needs of the people in need we sometimes do the “Work Day” twice a month.

COCW offers many ways to serve, here are just a few:

Projects  |  You can help with basic chores inside and outside of the home for those who cannot do the chores themselves any longer or have no family to help.

Transportation  |  You can volunteer to be a driver (Once a month or twice if it is an emergency) by taking someone to an appointment; pick up prescriptions or take them to the Grocery Store. We do not offer a transportation service, we only provide specific transportation needs (like the ones listed above) Monday through Friday.

Visits  |  Do a monthly visit to a shut-in or a person in a Nursing Home.

On-Call  |You can be an on-call volunteer if you have a trade or a skill that you would be willing to use to help with small projects that happen during the month – i.e. plumbing, electrical or handyman services.

Donations  |  If you would like to donate to the COCW Ministry, please make your check out to "Heritage Community Church" and in the memo section put “COCW.”  Your donations ensure that we have the tools to do our projects and that we can fill specific item requests for those in need.

For more information: Hannah & Zachary Palmer. Call or text 571.296.7111

Transportation needs: Karen Michocki or Linda Rudisill: 410.969.1361 (home)