HCC offers Child Dedication, read below for our Child Dedication FAQ’s:

What age are children eligible for dedication at HCC?  |  Children between the ages of Infant – 8 years old are eligible for dedication.

When and where are Child Dedications celebrated?  |  All Child Dedication’s are celebrated twice a year in the Sanctuary during both the 9am and 11am services.

Are all children eligible for Child Dedication at HCC?  |  No. At HCC we take very seriously the principle of mutual influence. Therefore, only children of HCC Covenant Partners may be dedicated at HCC. For a full explanation of this principle, please visit the HCC Covenant Course page.

What effect does Child Dedication have on the soul of a child?  |  None. At HCC we do not believe that Child Dedication establishes a relationship with God for the child. That is for the child to personally settle with God at a later time in their spiritual development. What effect does Child Dedication have on the soul of the parent? A lot. Child Dedication is exclusively for the parent. As in the Christian Marriage ceremony, Christian parents will make vows before God, friends and family in the Child Dedication ceremony regarding their commitment to take seriously their responsibility to represent and model the character and love of God to their child.

How much does Child Dedication at HCC cost?  |  Nothing.

Who can attend?  |  Any one.

If you have any pastoral concerns regarding Child Dedication please contact Pastor Steve Hall at (410) 551.8500 ext 205. If you are interested in having your child dedicated please contact Cindy Ellison at (410) 551.8500 ext 225.