I was born and raised in Memphis, TN where I married my youth group sweetheart, Angie, in December 1977 at the age of 18. My pursuit of an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology was interrupted by the call of God into ministry. We left Memphis in 1979 to follow that call in Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Georgia before moving to MD and joining the staff at Heritage in 1990.

I am an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God. I've been in Ministry for over 35 years, 24 of them at Heritage. I served primarily in Youth Ministry for the first 27 years of my time in ministry. I have also used my Technical background to enhance ministry through operational support and consultation for Sound, Lighting, and Projection .

I currently serve as Discipleship Purpose Pastor, part of the preaching and teaching team, Facilities Ministry Liaison, Care Ministries Pastor, one of the Worship Leaders, Media/Technical Director (responsible for all Audio, Video, Projection, and Lighting operations). Also, I am over Tuesday Night Volleyball! :o)

I am the proud husband of Angie Sharpe. We are blessed to have shared life together for over 36 years! We have raised three Daughters, April, Sarah, and Rebekah, who are all married. We have been blessed through our daughters with three sons-in-law. April is married to Cory, Sarah is married to Kyle, and Rebekah is married to Patrick. Angie and I have a Yellow Lab named Luke, and four Granddogs.

I enjoy watching SciFi and Action movies, along with the occasional chick-flick with Angie. My favorite movies are "We Were Soldiers" (I cry every time I watch it) and "The Princess Bride" (Inconceivable!). I watch as many Police, Drama, and other action TV shows as my DVR can hold. I also like to watch a lot of the Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, and Military History Channel offerings.
I enjoy puzzles and play Sudoku and work crossword puzzles on a regular basis. My favorite activity is playing Volleyball, which I do on a weekly basis. I also enjoy Hiking, and sailing, but don't get to go out very often for either.

I want to be really good at living in an empty nest with my Bride. I hope to have a chance to be an outstanding Granddad to as many Grandchildren as I may be blessed with. I want to finish well in ministry and in life.

Cell Phone: 443.857.2468

Email: cary.sharpe@heritagecc.net

Social Media: Uhhh, I'm a bit of an introvert. I had to draw the line somewhere. :o)