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Bread Pantry


Bread Pantry

WHO:  Everyone is invited to come. No restrictions. We now having people from Baltimore City , Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County.

WHAT IS PROVIDED: Food, clothes, household items, prayers and an uplifting meeting. We never know what we have from one week to the next.

WHEN: Every Friday morning. Clients can begin signing-in at 8:30am. Between 9:30-10:00am we host a short service and a guest speaker. We provide information about Heritage Community Church and the community. At 10am we start giving out food.

WHERE: 8146 Quarterfield Road, Severn, MD 21144

FOOD INFO: We get our food from Anne Arundel Food Bank, Brooklyn Church of God, Maryland Food Bank, Giant Food store, Panera and from people in the church. Some of our clients give back to us because we helped them when they needed the help.

SHOPPING CARTS:  Shopping carts are provided for the people when they go through the food line.

SECOND FRIDAY: On the second Friday of the month we have a truck from Maryland Food Bank drop off about 6500 pounds of produce to us.

THIRD FRIDAY: On the third Friday of the month we give government food to those who qualified for the food. 

EXTRA FOOD & CLOTHES: The extra food goes to other churches or homeless centers in the area. We try not to waste food. The Bread Pantry reaches other states and countries. When we have extra clothes, school supplies and other items we have people who can send them to other places.  We do not a place to store the extra items.


It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.
— Matthew 4:4

Heritage Community Church Bread Pantry is devoted to nurturing love for God, love for self, and love for others by helping and serving others in need of physical and spiritual food.

Our culture is to accept we are all sinners; Jesus is the teacher we strive to follow. Our culture is to create a safe and loving environment for people to relax, reflect, and grow while serving others.

HCC has five "Purposes"

The Bread Pantry covers all five of the "purposes" HCC has, but has adopted one primary.
The primary purpose of the Bread Pantry is the "Ministry" purpose. We chose this purpose because we are first and foremost a "service" based ministry.

For more information  |  Eric Johnson (443) 734-7026

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Bread Pantry Clients

Bread Pantry Clients

Bread Pantry Client expectations:

  • We will serve people from young to senior, married and single, working and unemployed, saved and unsaved. Only one person per family will be able to collect for the family per week from our food tables.
  • We expect our clients to be open to following directions.
  • We expect our clients to be open to hearing about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • We expect our clients to be open to discipleship.
  • We expect our clients to help one another, share community resources and ask questions.
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Bread Pantry Volunteers

Bread Pantry Volunteers

Bread Pantry Volunteers start coming in about 7am on Fridays to put out and sort the food.

Bread Pantry Volunteer expectations:

  • We expect our volunteers to develop and strengthen their personal relationships with God through life experience, Bible study and service.
  • We expect our volunteers to strengthen their individual ministries through practice by seeking out opportunities at the Bread Pantry.
  • We expect our volunteers to share their S.H.A.P.E. with strangers.
  • We expect our volunteers to be compassionate and understanding that life is not perfect or fair.
  • We expect our volunteers to be quick to listen, slow to speak and loving in our actions.
  • We expect our volunteers to work together to strengthen the Body of Christ and to share the word of salvation and grace with all.
  • We expect our volunteers to pray for one another and themselves.
  • We expect our volunteers to participate in the weekly program and announcements.
  • We expect out volunteers to mentor others.
  • We expect our volunteers to complete the H301 Class.
  • We expect our volunteers to keep leadership informed of changes in their schedule, contact information and to bring all conflicts to the leadership using the above and below methods.
  • We expect our volunteers to attend scheduled Breat Pantry meetings and fellowship events.
  • We expect our volunteers to praise God at all times.
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Bread Pantry Donate

Bread Pantry Donate

Information regarding donations to The Bread Pantry at HCC.

We would love to have you be a part of our team. Below are the opportunities that The Bread Pantry  has open to donate your 'time.'

  • Volunteers with vans or trucks to make store pick-ups on Friday mornings.
  • Volunteers to cut and organize store coupons.
  • Volunteers to speak at our programs.

Below are the opportunities that The Bread Pantry has open to donate otherwise:

  • Donate gas cards for our pick-up drivers.
  • Donate gift cards to make food purchases.
  • Donate storebought items to give out at The Bread Pantry.
  • Donate supplies such as: gallon size bags, grocery bags and more for clients to carry their selections home.
  • Donate bibles to hand out.