Here’s the scoop! Car registration officially begins will be held on October 13th and October 20th in the lobbies after Service.  You can sign up with a Cars O’ Candy Registrar in the Ministry Center Community Hall or in the lobbies during the In-Between-Scene, or you can send an email to

All car trunks should be decorated for the event.  Please decorate in a family-friendly fashion.  Decorate your trunk like a favorite Bible story, tailgate style decked out with your best sports team, a favorite hobby, a fall theme, a special holiday or occasion, etc.  (No witches/devils/goblins/scary themes, etc.)  If you do a Google search online for images for “trunk or treat” you’ll likely get inspired.  Even just a few balloons and streamers are just fine for decorations.

At each car trunk, you are to run a game for the children to play to win candy, or you can run a special activity or craft.  This can be as simple as a ball or penny toss or as extravagant as a game that corresponds to your theme - i.e. football throw for your Ravens car trunk theme. 

HCC’s Resource Room is filled with games and we have decorations you can borrow too.  Feel free to visit the room anytime in October and reserve any items you may like to borrow.  Borrowed items will need to be returned after COC event.               

Each car must have a SCRIPTURE posted on it that ties into your trunk theme. So please bring one to add...handwritten or printed up is great.

Car trunks are to be set up on the day of the event between 12:30-1:30pm.  Please arrive during this time and give yourself ample time to set up.  All car trunks must be completely set up by 1:45pm on the day of the event.

Car volunteers are requested to provide enough candy to treat 400 children.  (If you cannot provide the candy, please don’t let this discourage you from hosting a car.  Just let us know and we can provide candy for your car.) We are requesting our church folks to donate bags of candy to supplement the cars as needed as you will likely need additional candy.

Car host volunteers are asked to greet the children and interact with them during the Cars O’ Candy event.  Please bring a chair if you’d like to be comfortable at your car.

Car trunks will be on display from 2:00-4:30pm…and will need a volunteer present at each trunk during this entire time.  (We will have Car Host Caregivers - their job will be to assist our car hosts, i.e. extra candy, bottle of water, etc.)  Take down and clean up of the car trunks will begin after 4:30pm.  Event will be held rain or shine.  (Held in Community Hall if rain, minus the cars.)