Dear HCC Family,
Imagine Jesus saying this to you, “I will think of everything, you, just think of loving me.”
What would it be like for you to give all the anxious thinking about life over to God? And you, just think about loving Him. Goodness, that sounds great. Impossible, right? That’s pie in the sky religious stuff. Right?
I think it is possible, but not if we don’t work diligently to position ourselves to be transformed more and more into the likeness of Christ. The kind of peace that comes from trusting God to think of everything takes a great deal of soul training. The kind of soul training that we’ve been looking at for almost two years now.
I hope you’ve been reading The Good and Beautiful Life, and listening to the preaching on Matthew 5 & 6. For this Sunday, please read Luke 4 to be prepared.
Our new cookbook has my honey Sriracha grilled chicken wings, and quiche recipes. You can’t get them anywhere else. If you want them, and 598 others, order a cookbook this Sunday and support the Freedom Seed Initiative. Click here to order.
As an outgrowth of the cookbook interest, the Ladies Ministries is hosting a cooking class that will teach you how to make a few fabulous meals to feed 4 people...and all for $8. Crazy, I know. We want you to learn how to save $200-$300 in your grocery budget each month. This is freeing. RSVP here.
Apologetics course forming! I’ve invited an Apologist who is trained in defending the Christian faith. Learn things like how to respond to atheism, or when people question the Bible’s reliability, or how can God and evil co-exist. Starts September 20, runs for 8 weeks, and cost $50 for the first family member, and then $25 for the second, a maximum of $75 for a family.
Show me the money, and your contact info to RSVP for the course.

Let God think of everything, you just think of loving Him,

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