Dear HCC Family,

Here are a couple things to do this week in response to the Texas flooding:

1.      Pray for the victims

2.      Pray for the area churches to be recognized as the social center of God’s kindness

“Acts of God,” as they’re called by insurance companies, stir up all kinds of big questions and doubts. Texas flooding, cholera outbreaks, auto accidents, genocide, house fires, cancer, etc. are all physical experiences that provoke spiritual questions. As Christians, we need to have some way of responding to questions like, “Well if God is great, then why did He…”, or “If God is good, then why didn’t He…”.

Starting September 20, and running for eight weeks, HCC will offer a course to help you respond to those big life questions. I have invited an actual “Apologist” from outside the church to teach the course. Apologetics is the area of Christian study that addresses these big questions about God, and life from a biblical perspective.

So, if you’re interested in a serious course on Christian apologetics, then put your money, where your mouth is, so to speak. The course will cost each participant $50 bucks. To RSVP get a check to me, or use the church app. If we have 10 or more, the class will be held.

Another thing came to mind this week while praying for Texas, what if HCC was free from debt? What could we have done to help local churches in the Houston area be the social center of God’s kindness?

If we reach our goal this year of $250K, then we will be on our way to freedom from debt, and free to respond generously. Remember, faithful obedience, leads to freedom, and freedom opens us to inspirational generosity. This is how biblical prosperity works.

Please consider joining the “Freedom 500.” That’s 500 people from HCC that will give $15 above their regular giving each week, to the Freedom Seed Initiative. If this happens, and in addition, all those who can give more than $15 do so, we will meet our goal by year’s end.

Read Matthew 6 to be prepared for the Sunday sermon about, 2 treasures, 2 eyes, and 2 masters.

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