Dear HCC Family,
In Galatians 6 and 2 Corinthians 5, the Apostle Paul conveyed God’s sentiment regarding the matter that counts most when it comes to God’s pleasure and judgment. What matter counted so much that it inspired Paul to say that no religious practice or achievement could measure up to it? It was the matter of transformation. Transformation is the “performance measure” that God is expecting to bring Him current pleasure and future satisfaction.
The word for “new” in these passages on transformation is not related to being new in time, but in nature or essence, and could be transliterated as a new thing or species altogether. To God, the Christian experience is not about how many times we read the Bible through, or church services we’ve attended, or our charitable contribution report. No, this kind of newness only comes through the soul converting and conditioning of the Holy Spirit, via a deep personal relationship with Jesus. This soul conditioning or exercise plan is made up of the many spiritual disciplines practiced by the Christian over the course of a lifetime lived with God.
This is the work of transformation. Do you have a soul workout plan? Let me offer some.

In the back of each chapter, there are Soul Training exercises that are easy to read and put into practice. These exercises will condition your soul to open itself to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, and over time you will become more and more like Jesus which is exactly the performance measure for God when you stand before Him.
In that moment when you stand before His holiness, you will know along with God for certain if you’ve really been transformed into that new creature.
Here’s the link to the Soul Health Plan that I’ve created as a resource for Christians who really want to move further along the transformation continuum.
Click here to explore the Ladies Ministry and read more about the upcoming Ladies Tea. Be sure to email Joan Bowman to RSVP for this beautiful event.
Check out the discipleship opportunities on Monday and Wednesday night. Gotta move beyond Sunday to get our soul beyond where it is now.

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