Letter from Pastor Steve.jpg

Dear HCC Family,

Please give the video a shot. We’ve got a new platform, so if it didn’t work before, maybe it will now.

A few bullet points from the video:

  • Don’t leave your soul to chance in 2018. Get, and activate your Soul Health Plan for 2018 right here.
  • 2017 giving is open till January 14th.
  • Covenant Course for this Sunday moved to Wednesday, January 10th at 7pm. I messed up my calendar…sorry. RSVP here.
  • Start thinking about what you will share at our Spike the Ball service January 14th. Each year we give the congregation a chance to preach the goodness of God. So, come up with a brief, to the point, testimony about how the Lord has blessed you in 2017. It might be a miracle, something related to the church, an insight that changed you, etc. 
  • Be prepared for this Sunday by reading Ephesians 4.

A big miss in my video was the announcement about our upcoming Leadership Nav January 18th at 7pm. If you’re involved at all in leading any ministry from the food pantry, to ushering, to men’s or ladies ministry, please be there. I will be going over changes in the youth and music ministry and soliciting your input regarding the state of the church.

Live like it’s 3:30,