Dear HCC Family,

This year I celebrate three anniversaries associated with HCC, my 30th year as an Ordained Minister, 25 years at HCC, and 10 years as Lead Pastor. These anniversaries really snuck up on me. Wow, how time flies.

I do regret that my time going forward is likely less than the time already gone. But the time gone was time well spent maturing, building eternal relationships, and being transformed. I don’t even recognize the soul of that young minister from 30 years ago…I’ve been so transformed by the Holy Spirit I’m unrecognizable. Looking forward with passion to a future of nurturing a contrast community at HCC, who love God with all their heart, mind, and body, and are dedicated to changing the world for God’s glory.

As for this Sunday, I can’t wait to wrap up the, “How to change the world…” Read Matthew 5: 13-16 to be primed.

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Is it 3:30 in your life?