Dear HCC Family,

Part of the HE>i idea is to become the shadow in your relationship with Jesus. Let me explain.

Go with me here…God has been shadowing you all your life. At some point, God confronts you and offers you a new life. You take Him up on the offer, and become a child of God. Ephesians 5:1 (and developmental psychology) tell us that children naturally imitate their parents or siblings – from learning to walk and talk, to our tastes and preferences. So, as a spiritual parallel the development track of a child of God is to imitate the Father, or “Brother” Jesus.

This is what I mean by becoming the shadow. Your goal as a Christian is to imitate (shadow) Jesus. What Jesus does, you do. Where He goes, you follow. What He thinks, you think. How He talks, you talk.

Over the years, if you’re intentional about this, you will incrementally decrease, and He will incrementally increase. This is the transformation we seek, to become as obedient as Christ’s shadow.

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