Dear HCC Family,

1. You don’t want to miss our next Equip for Life Session May 6th at 9am in Pre-K Park. One of our Elders, Bryan Hyre, will be sharing essential information about end of life issues such as wills, advance directives, powers of attorney, appointing a health care agent, etc. Bryan is an estate attorney of the highest quality. No business will be solicited. We just want to get you, your friends and family the best information possible. On that note, make this a strategic invitation. Invite an un-churched friend or family member to come. It’s a great way to connect them indirectly to God, by connecting them to God’s people at HCC.

2. I’m begging you to please attend a special called meeting I’m having for all Covenant Partners and supporters of HCC. I recently discovered that a local pastor in our denomination, of a church similar in size to HCC, just went through a freedom initiative like we are. They had property just like us and were confronted with all the same issues we are. It is a miracle story, one I’m hopeful we also will have. So, please do everything possible to come out on May 11th at 7pm in the Sanctuary to hear the story of Life Source Church, as told by Pastor Mike McDermott. It will only be an hour and a half at most. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click the video/graphic link below and take a few moments to catch up with me...

It’s always 3:30,