Hey HCC Family,
Yep, if I was living in Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s triumphant entry into the city, I would have likely asked the question in the subject line. I think lots of people though, are still asking the question today – “Who is this Jesus?”
You’ve got the answer, but if you’re like most Christians, you can’t really explain it very well. So, don’t…let me do the explaining.
According to the example of Jesus Himself in John 2, the art of evangelism is simply to invite someone to “…come and see.” You don’t need to know theology, explain the Trinity, or unravel the mysteries of the end times…you just need to invite someone you care about to come and see, by coming with you to church.
Palm Sunday and Easter weekend are one of the best seasons of the year to invite someone to church.

See the schedule for this Easter Season below.
Click the video/graphic link below and take a few moments to catch up with me...

Invite someone to come and see for themselves,