Hey HCC Family,

I’m a routine kind of person. I like to live by patterns. I think it brings me a sense of control…oh yeah, that reminds me, I’m a control freak…now the routine and patterns make sense. Other folks are always mixing it up, change just for change sake. Well, no change can be stagnation, but also, not all change is positive, and not all movement is forward. So, insight and balance are key.

This is true even in matters of the soul…too much control limits growth, often leading to stagnation, and too much change often leads to instability.

However, I’ve learned that in matters of the soul, God will even use the tension between control and change to form and shape our souls. So, attempt to avoid the extremes of control and change, in order to live in balance with the Spirit.

A PERSONAL INVITATION: to attend my impact course on reconciling the physical (secular), and spiritual (sacred) realms in our life. The course is both a Bible study, and best practice experience. It will run for eight weeks at 7pm on Wednesday nights from April 19 – June 7. Contact me at frampton7482@gmail.com if interested in attending.

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