Dear HCC Family,

Monday through Wednesday of this week LaDon and I attended a regional pastors conference in Lancaster, PA. I must admit as I toured around that beautiful Amish countryside, the quiet and simple life called to me. As I learned more about the Amish lifestyle, I really admired the family-centric due to the lack of complex technological distractions, and wonder how much healthier my family and soul would be if I went Amish.

But, as has happened before, I decided to continue living in the non-Amish world, yet more determined than ever to simplify and focus on nurturing my soul through an annual spiritual formation plan. In fact, this Sunday I will share with you some ancient practices the saints of the ages have used to nurture love for God. As I told you last week, you are not the modern “brain on a stick” version of humanity that “modernity” has told you, you are. No, we have been created to be lovers, not thinkers. Thinking is not bad, it simply should not lead. Our love for God must lead us, while our brain follows.

This Sunday we will continue to talk about how He can become greater, as we become less. I know this is counter-intuitive, but it’s the only biblical pathway to the good and beautiful life God wants for us.

This weekend:

·        Equip for Life Session on best practices for aging parents

·        Regional Men’s Ministry Inspiration Breakfast

Don't forget our 2017 memory verses: John 3:30 & Romans 14:17.

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