Dear HCC Family,

So, I have an idea how President Trump can make America even greater. He could issue an executive order forcing people who have lived in mild, sunny, warm climates for more than 10 years, to swap compatible residences with people who have lived in cold, dark, unpredictable climates. Yeah, how about that? So, those people soaking up the sun all winter in places like FL and So. Cal. for the last 10yrs would have to swap with us, and people from places like North Dakota and such. I like it! It will be fairer this way.

On other fronts, when I’m not coming up with new EO’s for the president, you’ve gotta follow me on Instagram and FB. I'm asking you to start a campaign where you write out HE>my… on a piece of paper, sticky note, or something, and finish with whatever you want to emphasize that HE is greater than. Take a picture with something that represents the HE> theme. For instance, if you want to affirm that HE>my health problem, take a pic with the note and your medicine bottle or knee brace. I posted a bunch of them this week, so check out my Instagram and Facebook feeds and our church hashtag’s (#hegreaterthani_hcc & #itsalways330) for ideas.

To prepare for the sermon this week read Colossians 3 and Romans 13.

Click the video link below and take a few moments to catch up with me...

It's always 3:30,