Dear HCC Family,
You may have heard that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. Well, that commonly accepted theory is more a matter of social myth, than social science. An actual scientific article in the Journal of European Social Science states that developing an intentional habit will take anywhere from 2 to 8 months of intentional effort.
In part, this is what motivated me to offer you the annual Spiritual Formation Plan each year. By identifying several areas of soul transformation on a daily, monthly, and annual level, you can be reminded to stay the course for the long-range development of healthy soul habits.
Be sure, in this broken sinful condition, our souls won’t naturally form up in the image of Jesus. If we want to be transformed into the image of Jesus that we were originally intended for, then we will have to intentionally establish habits toward that end.
The Good and Beautiful Life book offers many soul training exercises that can be helpful habits of Christlike soul formation.
On the “fun-forming” side, please register for HCC Snow Tubing this coming Saturday. Hit this link and RSVP. Invite your unchurched friends and family for the day to indirectly connect them to the family of God.
Also, our next community Equip for Life Session on Aging Parents outreach is planned for March 4th at 9am in the Ministry Center. Everyone would benefit from having expert information on the topic of best practices for aging parents. Invite your unchurched friends and family for this helpful workshop, and indirectly introduce them to the family of God at HCC.

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