Hey HCC Family,

So, how does HE>i work in everyday life? How about when the barber spins you around to the mirror, revealing a far shorter haircut than you asked for? It’s in that kind of a moment when the challenge of HE>i gets real. How will I respond in a way that glorifies God, rather than satisfies me? The two could be the same, but unlikely in that instance. What about HE>i when your kids disrespect you? When porn is readily available? When you’re told, you didn’t get the promotion? When you don’t get your way? When the opportunity for retaliation is ripe? Or, when…

As we will learn, HE>i is every Christian, every day, everywhere, everything. I’m up for the challenge, how about you?

To prep for this Sunday, please read John 3 one more time and reflect on the response of John the Baptist to his disciples. Ask the Lord to help you nurture the same disposition in your life.

So, how have you been doing with the Soul Training exercise of play this month? Equating fun with the spiritual life can be a stretch for some. I’m one of them. I’ve been really challenged by this exercise to give myself permission to just laugh hard. It’s really surprised some folks, and lead me to some great moments of rejuvenation.

Post some experiences on the HCC Instagram or FB about your Soul Training experience. Also, keep posting those pics where you promote HE>i, using the hashtags #hegreaterthani_hcc or #itsalways330.

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